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 Spearwood Vet's Promotions  

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Serum Allergy Testing and Treatment

Previously, identifying the source of your pet's allergies could be a long process of elimation or a referral to a specialist dermatologist. Spearwood Vet Hospital now offers Serum Allergy Testing via a simple blood test. Your pets blood will be tested against 91 allergens and you will receive  personalised results and a treatment plan within 10-14 business days. Contact the practice on 94183400 to find out more.


Dental Health - Pets need dental care too! We are offering FREE dental checks and great prices on clean and scales. Call 94183400 and speak to our team to find out more today.



Hills Vet Essentials

The new vet exclusive range of Hills Pet Food has arrived. Spearwood Vet  has discount vouchers and special introductory offers for all our clients.