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Nurse Consultations

Spearwood Vet's nurses are trained and professional, and now available to help you and your pet with a range of health issues for FREE!

Our nurses are kept up to date with the latest products available and are able to help tailor a health care plan individually suited to your's and your pets needs. We can assist you with puppy, adult and senior pet advice as well as recommend the right flea, worming and nutritional requirements.

Dental Consultations - Does your pet have bad breath? This can be a sign of dental disease. Book in for a FREE dental check with one of our veterinary nurses. With the use of our dental grading chart we can look at the current stage of dental disease (if present) and recommend the best course of treatment. If your pet does require a dental procedure you will save the cost of a veterinary consult valued at $79.50 (Your pet will still receive a thorough check over by a veterinarian prior to hospital admission.)

Slimmers Program - Has your pet gained a few kilos over the holidays? Being overweight can have a serious affect on your pets health. Overweight pets can have mobility issues and the extra weight in senior pets may increase any pain associated with arthritis. Heart health can be at risk, as well as an increased risk of developing diabetes. Our nursing team are available to help you work out the ideal weight range for your pet and provide advice on the best way to reduce calorie intake, safely increase excercise/activity and monitor your pets progress. All pets who join our slimmers program and reach their goal weight will be rewarded for all their hard work.

Puppy and Kitten checks - It can be an overwhelming time when getting your new puppy or kitten. Our nursing staff can help with this service that is aimed at helping to provide new pet owners with information on behaviour, nutrition, parasite control and general health and well being. If our nurses have any concerns during one of these health checks, they may recommend a full veterinary consult.