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        Spearwood Veterinary Hospital is staffed with qualified, caring and dedicated professionals.


        Our 7 experienced veterinarians include:


        Dr George Jackson     (Principal veterinarian and practice owner)

        Dr Jackson graduated from Murdoch University in 1980 and continues to enjoy forging relationships        

        with long term clients and their pets. He has a large alpaca farm, where he has developed world leading

        reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer. He lives on his farm with his wife Jenny, Lewis the

        labrador, cats Tammy and Stevie, as well as an assortment of peacocks, chooks, horses and donkeys.


        Dr Graham Miller

        Dr Caroline O'Dea

        Dr Melissa Van Der Sluys

        Dr Jessica Dufty

        Dr Tiffany Lever


        Our team of veterinary nurses include:  


       Shaan         (Practice Manager, Senior Veterinary Nurse)   


       Shaan has been a Veterinary Nurse for 16 years and has worked in many different

       areas of nursing in this time, including general practice, specialty surgical, practice

       management, emergency and critical care and has lectured at TAFE. She has been

       with us here since september 2016 and enjoys nursing as well as managment

       tasks. She enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children, especially

       getting out into the bush and camping. She has 2 dogs, Rook and Bohdi, 5 cats

       Asha, Minda, Stella, Meiko and Quinnie, as well as an assortment of chickens.


       Michelle      (Accounts Manager) 

       Michelle graduated as a Vet Nurse in 2002 and has been with us since 2006. She is

      currently on maternity leave from the Practice Manager role, so works part time as

      Accounts Manager. She has a special interest in animal behaviour and ran our

      puppy preschool classes for many years. She lives with her husband and

      3 boys, and has a dog named Sind, a cat named Missi and a turtle named Guido.


       Christine     (Senior Veterinary Nurse & Grooming Manager)

       Chris has been with us for 18 years, as a Vet Nurse and Groomer. She now manages the grooming

       department. She has worked as a nurse in Sydney, Melbourne and here in Perth and has an interest in

       hands on patient care as well as diagnostic medicine. She lives with her husband and they have Archie

       the maltese cross, who you may see around the clinic. They also have 2 cats Cairo, who was the first

       Egyptian Mau to come to Perth, and Albert the ragdoll cross. She enjoys walking, fitness, music, wine and

       gardening, as well as travelling to bali for holidays.


       Rebekah     (Qualified Veterinary Nurse & Puppy Preschool Co-ordinator)

       Bek has been a Veterinary Nurse for 3 years now and has been working here

      with us for that whole time. She is our puppy preschool coordinator and just loves

      cuddling the animals that come in to the clinic. She loves spending time with her

      partner. She also enjoys  gardening, and especially loves cactuses and succulents.

      She also loves fermenting vegetables and kombucha, and enjoys spending time

      with friends and family. She has 1 dog, Tyson, a 3 legged cat called Indi, a deaf cat

      called Bowie, a cockatiel and a galah.


       Rozanne     (Qualified Veterinary Nurse)

       Rozanne is originally from South Africa and has been a Vet Nurse since 2010. She

       has been with us for 2 years now and enjoys surgical nursing and enjoys being 

       able to send pets home feeling better. She loves cats in particular and has a large

       tabby cat called George. She also lives with her husband and her Boerboel (South

       African Mastiff), Juba. She loves reading books, painting works of art and



       Ripley        (Qualified Veterinary Nurse)

       Ripley has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for 2 years and has worked here for 18 months. She loves

       being a Vet Nurse as every day is different and she is constantly learning new things and spending time

       with the animals. She has a special interest in cats and has her own Balinese cat Emi, who she rescued.

       She loves going 4 wheel driving and enjoys the beach, camping, the outdoors and working out in her

       spare time.


       Leachelle    (Senior Veterinary Nurse)

       Leachelle has been a Vet Nurse at Spearwood Vet Hospital for 15 years. She works mainly on

       the weekends now, as she is raising her 3 children also. She loves spending time with her

       husband and kids, going out bush in Jarrahdale, swimming at Coogee Beach and strolling

       through Fremantle. She has 2 a dog Dexter, and a cat Luna.


       Sophie        (Veterinary Assistant)

       Sophie is a Veterinary Student who works here on the weekends as a Veterinary

       Assistant. She enjoys watching the variety of cases come in  and loves getting to

       know the owners and their animals. She has carried out overseas work experience

       in India, heliping out in vaccination and desexing drives, and will continue to travel

       and volunteer overseas when she is qualified. She loves spending time on the

       beach and agility training with her dog Abby.



        Our  "Furry Friends" groomers include:  

        Christine (see above)



        Nicole has worked here for 2 years as a groomer and has an interest in learning and perfecting stylised

        clips. She enjoys building lasting relationships with clients and their dogs. Although she works hard to

        enhance her skill set, she also loves playing with all of the dogs that come to us. her special interest is in

        schnauzers and poodle clips. She does not have a dog of her own as yet, although hopes to get one

        soon. She does enjoy caring for her mothers dog, Lottie in the meantime. She loves reading, swimming

        and making cosplay costumes.